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I produced a special refractory products , is for the ceramic industry kilns , high temperature, ultra- high-temperature furnace used. Its products are corundum brick, high purity corundum mullite brick , mullite brick , lightweight mullite corundum brick ; variety of high-purity mullite corundum and corundum mullite sagger , push plates, batts , the burning plate and other high-temperature kiln and fire clay . I produced the high temperature sagger , using imported technology, high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance . Product quality and reasonable prices. At present, a lot of plants, the company used. Such as: Jiang Su Jiuwu -tech Co., Ltd., three of Membrane Technology ( Xiamen ) Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Kemi Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Hui City Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. , Hefei Great Wall Technology Co., Ltd. Xinyuan film , in materials Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jiusi -tech Co., Ltd. , Shandong Institute of industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. , Guizhou Fei Ge electronic Co., Ltd. , Dalian Seiko Giken Co., Ltd. , Shenzhen Jian Hao Jianqiang watch Products Factory , Shenzhen, Hong Gang watch Co., Ltd. , Shenzhen Jinda table Co., Ltd. , Changzhou Ding Ding Carbide Co. , Ltd. Nanjing Ding Ding alloy materials , electronic ceramics factory in Baoying County, Jiangsu Province , Baoying County in Jiangsu Huaming ceramics Co., Ltd. , Zibo Branch ho thermal Engineering Co. , Huanggang City kiln porcelain kiln Limited.Users with favorable results , has been well received.