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Our special fire proofing products are used in ceramic industry for high temperature and ultra-temperature furnace. Main products are corundum brick, high-purity corundum-mullite brick, mullite brick, Mullite-corundum light weight brick, high-purity corundum-mullite sagger, push plate, refractory slab, burning board at all specifications. Our high-temperature sagger is developed based on advanced technology. It has properties of high refractoriness, fine thermal shock resistance. Due to superior quality and reasonable price, t is used by many plants and companies, for example, Jiangsu Jiuwu High-tech Limited Liability Company, Sanda Membrane Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Kaimi Membrane Technology Limited Liability Company, Nanjing Huicheng Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., Hefei Changcheng Xinyuan Membrane Technology Limited Liability Company, Zhongcai New Material Limited Liability Company, Nanjing Jiusi High-tech Co., Ltd., Shandong Industrial Ceramic Research Institute, Guizhou Feige Electronic Co., Ltd., Dalian Jinggong Technology Research Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jianhao Jianqiang Plant, Shenzhen Honggang, Shenzhen Jinshida, Changzhou Dingding Hard Alloy, Nanjing Dingding Alloy Material, Jiangsu Baoying Electronic Ceramic Plant, Jiangsu Baoying Huaming Ceramics Co., Ltd., Zibo Kehao Thermal Energy, Huanggang Huayao Zhongci Furnace Co., Ltd. and etc. Our products are widely praised by all users.